The Polo Team

Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan

  • Country : India

  • Chairman & Patron : Nasr Polo

  • Handicap : 1 Goal

“30 years can be a long time but it just swifts away with much more of success… step after step towards perfection.” 
Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan, driven by clear sense of purpose and edu-passion, helped the Nasr group gain the position that which it enjoys today. He has been the man behind enviable success which Nasr has crafted for itself for today.
He talks about his involvement with the game and how his polo school is grooming students to become good riders, polo players and equine enthusiast of the future. “I rode and played polo from way back with my Uncle who had set up the Sea Horse Polo Club. My three sons play polo aswell. The Nasr Polo Club, Gachibowli, formed by our family specialises in arena polo tournaments. Polo has been an integral part of the family for four generations. It is one of the only clubs in Hyderabad that arranges arena polo tournaments, weekly chukkas and polo holidays.”

Adolfo Casabal

  • Country : Argentina / U.K

  • Chief Coach / Director of Polo : Nasr Polo

  • Handicap : 4 Goals

Adolfo “Gusy” Casabal – 4 goal Handicap. Gusy comes from Pilar, Argentina. He started playing at age 5. His favorite player is Cambiaso; his favorite shot is the tail. His best teacher is life: “I’ve learned the hard way.” 

Polo has taught me feeding my kids. Gusy left Argentina in 2002 when things went wrong, and polo changed his life. Gusy was never a professional, but he worked as a professional polo player for 6 years in UK and former Polo manager of Ham Polo Club in London — — Gusy is a gifted team leader and excellent polo instructor. His way of articulating game tactics is inspirational. During the King’s Cup 2008 when Captaining the USA team, he reminded histeam, “you have to give the ball kisses” (to remind them to have a hard grip, swing slowly and follow through). He also says, “hit all the hits,” and “tranquilo.”

Right now he runs his own Polo Institute in Windsor A.C Polo

Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed

  • Country : India

  • CEO : Nasr Polo

  • Handicap – 0 Goals

Polo player par excellence and a key member in forming the Nasr Polo International Team

Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, comes from a family where equestrian sports and specially polo runs in the blood. A sixth generation polo player from the Royal House Of Surat, had his first experience with horses when he was 6 months old.

He perused his passion for polo in 2003 when his father Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan thought right for him to take his love for horses in a competitive way. The first match he played was for the Andhra Pradesh Riding Club.

In 2005 he incepted his equine services company called “Nasr Equicare”. Looking at the efficiency of the firm, the Secunderabad Club signed a contract with Nasr Equicare to re initiate its 100 year old riding school.

In 2006 Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, got a chance to showcase his skills at the Royal Selangor Polo Club in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. With a successful run he was offered to be coached at the club by the then polo captain Shaik Raeesman.

As his polo skills grew Ahmed played at the Singapore polo club, where his horsemanship and hitting techniques were well appreciated by the Polo manager Sattar Khan.

In 2009, it was felt that polo should be taken to the next level, Mir Ahmed and his brother Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed were sent to a polo camp in Argentina, to the El Paso Polo Ranch, being trained under the watchful eye of Jose Louis Salvo

In the year 2010 Nasr Polo Team was officially formed and the first tournament was played at the Royal County Of Berkshire Polo Club, The 10 Goal Arena Polo Tournament was played by Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed (-2), Thomas Gavina (+4) Backed by Adolfo Casabal (+7). Looking at their success, Nasr Polo team also played for the UK Arena Nationals, where they were placed Second. 

In the same year Nasr Polo Played the various Tournaments in the UK Field Polo Season at HAM Polo Club under the Guidance of the team Coach, Adolfo Casabal 

Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed also played the Universities Polo Tournament (SUPA) where his team combined with Imperial College London, Royal Veterinary College and Greenwich University, Won the UK Arena Polo Nationals. 

In 2013, Nasr Polo Team was floated in Thailand, where they played at Siam Polo Park. The team stood third in position after a grilling four day tournament. 

As of now Ahmed plans to grow awareness of Polo and Equestrian art in his hometown Hyderabad, where his family is putting together an Arena Polo Facility. Nasr Polo club is a family dream, Under the patronage of his Father Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed dreams to make polo available to young enthusiast in the most simple and effective way. 


Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed

  • Country : India

  • Director Logistics : Nasr Polo

  • Handicap : 0 Goals


Mir Jamaluddin Hammad

  • Country : India

  • Director Finance   : Nasr Polo

  • Handicap : -1 Goal