Importance Of Equine Dentistry

Equine dentistry is a relatively new and dynamic field. Equine teeth, also called hypsodont teeth, continue to grow throughout the horse’s life.Hence, there is a need to float (rasp) equine teeth by an equine dental professional. Floating smoothens the sharp overgrowths of teeth, and helps keep the horses mouth comfortable and healthy.

However floating is the most basic dental procedure. Various other dental services such as extractions of primary teeth (caps), extraction of wolf teeth, bit seating, canine reshaping and buffing, incisor reduction and realignment, cheek teeth balancing and realignment and various endodontic and periodontic procedures are also required to help maintain the oral health of equines.
Regular dental check ups are strongly recommended as, preventive dentistry can help prevent malocclusions, decay and dental trauma. Also early detection of dental problems means better prognosis.

Other benefits of timely dental care are reduction in food costs, reduction in vet bills and a long healthy life for your horse.