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Republic Day Cup 2020

As India Celebrated its 71st Republic Year. Nasr Polo Cherished the day with the Pride Motors Republic Day Cup 2020 – Powered by Jeep. On Sunday 26 January 2020 – 5:30 pm.

This is the day when 300 people individually plan to show up at the Pride Republic Day Arena Polo Championship 2020.

Four promising teams from Hyderabad played flat out games of arena polo, keeping the audiences at the edge of their seats.

Team 1 – white (winner)
No.1 Manazil
No.2 Rajiv
BK Kaushik

Team 2 – Red
No.1 Masroor
No.2 Allan
BK Mama

Team 3 – Light Blue
No.1 Mahboob
No.2 Hammad
BK. Raghu

Team 4 – Yellow ( Winner)
No1 Ram
No2 Shahbaz
BK Adil

The final game was drawn to a tie between the white and the yellow team.

Special thanks to Mr. Saif Ur Rahman for the commentary.

Special thanks to Pride Motors for the fantastic enthusiasm and encouragement.

And of course the JEEP without which we wouldn’t have the game !!


Umpire: Mir Khutubuddin Khan

Game Coordinator: Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed

Thank you players – It was an amazing game and inspiring to see you play.

Thank you dear guest, you were a truly supporting audience. You really made the game enchanting


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