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Polo 4 Peace Sunday 24 September 2017

The peace-sport organization’s mission of actively raising the consciousness of Peace Day through international sports.

Over 20 countries participated in this year’s Polo 4 Peace. From India’s history of 2,500 years of “pulu” which started as a war game and where they now played polo 4 Peace.

The players from Nasr Polo participated in Polo 4 Peace on Sunday 24 September 2017 with two games lined up back to back :

Game No1 : 3:00 pm

Red Team
No1. Shaad Ali Khan
No2. Mishank Sharma
Bk. Mama Khan

Blue Team
No1. Mohammed Hussain
No2. Manazil
Bk. Mir Ahmed

Game No2 : 4:30 pm

Blue Team
No1. Abhijeet Sarthak
No2.Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed
BK. Mohammed Nayeemuddin

Red Team
No.1 Shaik Mahaboobkhan
No2.Mir J Hammad
BK. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed

Umpire : Mir Khutubuddin Khan

We thank all players for supporting the cause. 

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