A pony ride is an opportunity for children to ride real horses for a short time, At Nasr Polo we offer summer camps, private children’s parties and individual pony rides. Children on pony rides do not handle the pony themselves, but they need to be old enough to sit up straight and hold their head up without support. Pony rides are given on individually hand-led ponies, or in a group of ponies, usually four to six.

There are 6 benefits with Horse Riding for Kids:

Fitness and Health

Life – Long well-being 

Making New Friends 

Confidence booster

Learning – Life Lessons



To provide the best experience in horse riding for children the Recommendations vary with the size of the pony, but children who participate in pony rides need to be able to sit up and hold their head up without support, thus child under the age of one would be too small to safely ride ponies. Best practices are that children be at least three years old,Maximum size of riders usually correlates to the size of the pony, but standards range from under 80 pounds (36 kg), to about 100 pounds (45 kg). Weight, not age, usually limits the biggest riders, but our program requires participants to be no older than 5 years of age.






Lessons Prices

Our qualified instructors are available 6 days a week for one to one and group tuition. Our experienced staff and ponies can cater for young riders ranging age 2 to 5.

500/ 30 min
One on One Tuition
Semi – private Also Available
Available at Any Level
Wider Range of Times
1200/ 30 min
Advanced Disciplines
Walk, Trot & Canter
Flat Classes

An amazing equestrian facility on the outskirts of the city. Nice place to learn how to ride horses.

Zihan Ahmed Horse Rider / Polo Player

Last weekend I visited Nasr Polo at Janwada its an wonderful experience while riding. Its an eco friendly ground. Its very big polo ground, with well experienced riding professionals.



I came to know with one of my friend about Nasr Polo. I personally visited Nasr Polo Janwada, I was really surprised, I decided to join immediately along with my younger brother. It was a wonderful natural nature. well experienced instructors. I am really very happy with their Pleasantness. I recommend young rider to visit once Nasr Polo.

Manish Singh